Webhooks for WooCommerce and Printful

Usually, all you have to do is click a button to connect WooCommerce and Printful together. Sometimes this doesn’t happen. It could be for several reasons. In our case, the issue turned out to be a plugin preventing webhooks from being added.

Before we found the plugin that was causing the problem, we tried to connect manually. We enabled REST API in WooCommerce and set the API key in the Printful plugin. It worked and products started syncing. There was one problem though.

Everything passed the Printful Checklist except for the webhooks.

##### Printful Checklist #####
* Connection to Printful API    => OK
* Printful API key is set       => OK
* WordPress Permalinks          => OK
* WordPress version             => OK
* WooCommerce Webhooks          => FAIL
* WooCommerce API keys are set  => OK
* WooCommerce authentication URL access=> OK
* WordPress remote requests     => OK
* WordPress Site URL            => OK
* Recent store sync errors      => OK
* Write permissions             => OK
* PHP memory limit              => OK
* PHP script time limit         => OK

There needs to be three webhooks for WooComerce. They are located at WooCommerce > Settings > Advanced > Webhooks. Add the following webhooks if they are missing.

NamePrintful IntegrationPrintful IntegrationPrintful Integration
TopicProduct deletedProduct updatedAction
Delivery URL
API VersionWP RESET API Integration v2WP RESET API Integration v2WP RESET API Integration v2
Replace CONSUMER_SECRET and STOREID with your Consumer Secret and StoreID from Printful.

To find STOREID, go to and click on your store. Your URL will change to, except there be numbers instead of STOREID.

For CUSTOMER_SECRET, go to Settings > Stores or visit There you should see Consumer Secret.

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